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The Secretary of the Committee on Petitions to European Parliament.
Plateau du Kirkenberg,
L-2929 Lussemburgo

Presented by Mr. Francesco Errante
Supported by Dr Rita Pal Bsc MBBS

Mr. Francesco Errante
Radiophysicist & RF Electronics Design Engineer of Italian nationality,

Details of Dr Rita Pal
Doctor and psychiatrist practising in the United Kingdom.
Editor of www.nhsexposed.com
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Margherita Caminita is an elderly Italian citizen who has been held against her wishes within the United Kingdom. The Mental Health Act has been abused by the authorities to imprison her in this country. Taped evidence including a sworn statement made to Bedfordshire Police elucidates that Margherita Caminita wishes to return to Italy. She has no family in this country and her wishes have been ignored by the authorities. A number of efforts have been made to visit her but Bedfordshire Social Services have denied her any access. Dr Rita Pal has been refused access many times despite following normal protocols. Her fundamental rights to freedom have been breached. In addition, she has no access to legal representation and is currently held in total isolation. We are unaware of the location she is being held in despite our best efforts. She has been deemed to suffer from senile dementia but there is no evidence of this. The taped evidence shows she is clearly aware of her surroundings and able to state her wishes. Indeed she is orientated and aware of her surroundings. She has been denied access to an assessment by an independent psychiatrist despite requests. Her last known address for her is :

Park View Lodge, 2, West Lodge, Park Avenue, Bedford, Bedfordshire,
MK40 2JY, England, United Kingdom

The Bedforshire Social Services have used their unfounded allegations against Mr Francesco Errante as a reason to hold this lady. An independent Forensic report was obtained which can be accessed by yourselves to verify the truth of the allegations made by Social Services and Bedforshire Police. Allegations against one person cannot be used to deny an elderly person their fundamental rights.

As the European Parliament is aware there is an application to the European Court of Human Right is also currently pending and it has already been granted a definitive Case Number (11520/02) .

Numberous reasoned requests have been made to Mr Amaduzzi Italian Ambassador to ensure that this lady is transferred to Italy where she can be provided with the same care as the United Kingdom. These requests were denied. The Italian Embassy where no open to rational negotiations or any meetings to solve the situation at hand. Dr Rita Pal has written and contacted the relavant ministers in Italy to try and transfer care to any district in Italy but there has been no reply. It is certainly a manifest error in law to hold an individual in the United Kingdom against her wishes when the identical medical facilities are available in Italy.

The European Convention on Human Right recognizes to all the european citizens rights such as liberty (Art.6), respect for private and family life (Art.7), no discrimination on the grounds of age or handicaps (Art.21), the possibility for the elderly to conduct a dignitous and independent life (Art.25), the possibility for the disabled to be integrated in the community(Art.26), access to the social services and defence against illiness and access to medical treatments (Art.34 and 35), all rights being currently denied to Ms.Caminita.
Moreover, the European Union Treaty ensures the freedom of movement for the people (Art.2) and the respect for their fundamental liberties as set out in the European Convention for the safegard of the human beings and their fondamental liberties (Art.6), this is being denied to Ms. Caminita while against her will is forced to remain in the U.K.

I, Mr. Francesco Errante, Attorney General and only son to Ms. Margherita Caminita, require, therefore, the European Parliament to ensure that Ms. Caminita's wish to go back to Italy, be respected and in particular it is asked to the relevant European Parliament Committees to open an enquiry into the violations of the aforesaid rights.

I, Dr Rita Pal am a concerned doctor who has campaigned and witnessed the injustices for over two years now against this elderly frail individual. It is my opinion that the natural delays in litigation will be detrimental to the health of Mrs Carminita. She is already in her late seventies and has spent many years imprisoned in the United Kingdom. I have tried every source of assistance in the UK and everyone has refused to assist this lady. I have been denied access to her. In order to deliver a simple present, I was asked to ensure the police delivered it to her ! I have been happy to support her financially but this has been denied. The Bedfordshire Social Services are currently abusing their power and denying a helpless vulnerable person her rights. I understand that within EU law, this was outlawed many years ago. I have the evidence to justify my concerns. As time goes on, my fear is that she will not see freedom before she passes away. This violation of her rights cannot be allowed in this century as it will provide the UK authorities with a license to treat any EU citizen who is not an English speaker in this way. This lady requires IMMEDIATE attention. There needs to be URGENT NEGOTIATIONS between the EU, Italian and British Authorities to ensure Mrs Carminita is freed in accordance to her wishes. This needs to be done as soon as possible without more wasting more time as this patient cannot be allowed to live as a prisoner any longer. No vulnerable elderly person who is isolated and disabled and who cannot speak the native language can be held in a foreign country in this way.

Please note that owing to the complexity of this case an internet site has been created to give an accurate account of all the events and steps taken to freeing Ms. Margherita Caminita. The narration is evidenced by an up to date display of all the major documents obtained .

The said web site is accessible through the following URLs :
http://www.margherita-caminita.com or http://www.margherita-caminita.com
for the italian language version.

Please, do refer to said the websites to get a copy of all the relevant documents and materials which are hereafter being mentioned .

In addition, you may wish to note the newspaper articles which relate to the campaigns at present, available on line as well.

We remain to your full disposal for any further information the Committee might require.

Dated and sent in on the 16th. June 2002

Signed Francesco Errante
Signed Dr. Rita Pal








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